Well whats happened since my last confession????


WE all survived musket week - check the website for the pics as there is some really wicked ones!!! (www.cimsys.co.nz/cruise.htm    - cant remember if it has the last l or not)   there was a lot of partying and drinking and games = not all including alcohol but the majority - Dad and I took Anne marie out for the week as well and got matching drinking shirts made up out of the most hideous material you could imagine!!! Just look at the photos - but it was good times - and it all started off with the Beachcomber Pirate day which intailed a lot of sailing - well a little bit of sailing, then water balloon throwing (its not easy to do on a moving , pitching deck I can tell you). Then it was "to the bar" as the host of the day kept repeating to carry on the fun - via immigration where we got stamped - ourselves then it was to quarantine where we got our 'shots' (of bounty rum OP) but it was all good fun with small games and socializing.


There was the big race around Malolo Island - and guess what Rampart didn't come last!!!! Shock horror - there was two whole boats behind us!!!!! The hobie cat challenge was taken out by a friend Owen off the cat changes of lattitude while dad and I dropped out in the second round - but its ok cos we got beaten by Owen on his path to victory….


One of the days there was the beach olympics that included stuff like coccnut boules, the tug of war (the Kiwis won it) coconut shot put (won by yours truly) and the coconut palm caber toss which I also took out - as well as the slippery pole contest and sandcastle building competition for the kids.


All the interspersed with trips to the $3 bar - and then it came to the Orams Sandbar day - well the reason they do it on the sandbar is to get it away from the resorts as not to offend anyone and I don't see any reason for that???!?!?! (read that last bit with sarcasm) basically it’s a half a day chillin out on a sandbar playing drinking games rounded off with a wet t-shirt contest!! A real eyeopener especially if your elected to a judge!!


The whole week was rounded off with a fairwell dinner and then it was off to Vanuatu!!!!!


WHAT A BORING TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good sail for the first day then it was 3 days of solid motoring BOOOOOOORRRRRRRRIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

But what is a couple of guys to do …..


We arrived here on the 16th (my birthday!!! Nice birthday present huh - a trip to Vanuatu - thanks mum!!!) and have been chillin out and exploring a little bit of Port Vila - funny little town this place only 33,000 people in Vila (177,000 ish in the whole of Vanuatu)  was once ruled by the French now an independent nation and a tax haven!!!!!but will be getting outta here on the Monday to go see what we can see and get out of the town life for a while again before Mum comes up… your still coming aren't you?!!?


And that’s about our lot nuff said short and sweet to the point check the website for the photos and everyone take care out there where ever you are.


Hasta luego


Waldo aka Aaron

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