Bulky 24th October


Heh guys another bulky and probably the last? Till we get home maybe, well the computer's back working and I am typing on it right now!?!?  


Now its been a bit since the last email and all is well, WE were in Vanuatu, Santo was really cool, spent most of the time up there diving, 2 dives on the SS Coolidge which were fantastic!!! THE BEST WRECK DIVE I HAVE DONE, lots of divers but very organised and lots of wreck penetration if you wanted (theres 12 dives in all to do on the Coolidge) and one at million dollar point, where the US armed forces after WWII pushed all their equipment off the edge of the compound and into the water just to piss off the french.. typical yanks (no offence to those of that persuasion….


Theres some photos to be put on the website soon… so stay tuned


So what has been happeniing since !!?!? well we went up to champagne beach where the sand is like castor sugar - (but not as sweet)…

Then it was 3 days of shit to get back to vila to drop off estelle (one of the hapless crew, who was catching a flight to Sydney) and get ready for the big off to Tanna, and then to New cal


Well that all went up the crapper, cleared out on the Friday to take off on the Saturday - dropped the mooring in Vila at 11:45am stuck or heads out the harbour entrance, got pounded by 40knot winds and 4 metre swells, were back on the mooring by 1pm while the rain pelted down!!!!


Sounds like fun huh? Well that was the state of affairs for 3 days as it pissed with rain and blew like crap but from the wrong direction, then it was time to take off, but Tanna had to be missed as we had to get to New Cal by the Friday 24th so we could sign Melissa (or other Aussie crewmember) over to Andy and Cindy off Mosey Along so she could sail with them back to Nelso, NZ


And that’s about the size of things, just finished the formalities of customs etc, The customs officers had GUNS!!!!! Little 9mm hand guns!!!!!!! And this was the first time we've been checked for anything along the trip - they even got us to write down what computer we had etc so we don’t sell it - we are damned lucky its working!!!!!! So in the marina - doing a few jobs before its time to head off to the outer islands Isle de pines etc for 5, 6 days before its back here to pick up rod and lew to get our asses back to the NZ and to where we can understand the locals, - they all speak french here - and guess what we don’t - but we can get by kinda, theres something about the rainbow warrior and a couple of glowing atolls somewhere in the pacific!?!?


That’s between the kiwi's and the french but we'll keep that under our hats unless immigration gives us any shit!!


Well that’s all folks, at least for the time being, take care, check the website (www.cimsys.co.nz/cruise.htm) and take it easy




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