Photos from Fijian Waters

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LeavingOpua.jpg (170558 bytes)

Leaving Opua 8 June 2003

The Millenium Crew.jpg (37426 bytes)

The Millenium Crew

more big ass dolphins.jpg (56969 bytes)


Tima in her Bure.jpg (83367 bytes)Tima in her Bure

The Rhino if you can figure it out (Nalauwaki).jpg (48517 bytes)

The Rhino if you can figure it out (Naluawaki)


YoboliVillage.jpg (27666 bytes)

Bure and galv iron boat

Castaway Island .jpg (42147 bytes)

Castaway Island


Abetterday.jpg (26330 bytes)Aa

Aaron at the Helm


PPartKadavu.jpg (27182 bytes)

P Party at Kadavu


TheStuffDreamsAreMadeOff.jpg (189589 bytes)

The Stuff Dreams are made off  KAVA Root


LeanneSteveAndGuessWho.jpg (91799 bytes)

Guess Who ??  Leanne & Steven


PreparingCocktailsAstrolabe.jpg (24945 bytes)

Aaron preparing cocktails


PrimeRealEstateAtKadavu.jpg (798009 bytes)

Prime Real estate at Kadavu


SunsetAtKadavu.jpg (83348 bytes)

Sunset at Kadavu


BarbyAtTheAstrolabe.jpg (136543 bytes)

Barby at a deserted Island in the Astrolabe