Photos from inter-island Waters

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1snapped at prizegiving on the sandbar.jpg (23131 bytes)

No longer a Fijian gigolo - Aaron has moved on to conquer Vanuatu

a picture of health - Neil!!.jpg (14093 bytes)

hmmmm! what more can we say?
A picture of helat - Neil!

another Pirate day.jpg (12976 bytes)

Another pirate day.....

another tough day at the office Musket Cove.jpg (12866 bytes)

Another tough day at the Musket Cove office!


Arrival at Beachcomber Pirate Day

morning in Port Vila.jpg (17920 bytes)

Morning in Port Vila, Vanuatu.

our opposition around Malolo Race.jpg (17511 bytes)

Rampart's opposition in the around Malolo Island race

our tuna catching effort.jpg (18832 bytes)

The boy's Tuna catching efforts!
Jim we told you no speedos in public!

there's beer in there somewhere.jpg (20748 bytes)

There's beer in there somewhere!